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For the best marketing your property can get, look no further than Birmingham Estate Agents. Thousands of potential buyers browse our listings every day, and those vendors who follow our advice have an 85% success rate.

Birmingham Estate Agents

Our website uses a dedicated advertising system which lets you list one or several properties, with full-colour photos and detailed descriptions to entice the buyers. Listing each property takes only five minutes, and for one low fee your property is advertised online for a whole year.

But the best is yet to come: as a part of the International Real Estate Alliance (IREA-AII), Birmingham Estate Agents can offer the vendor even more. Our integration in the IREA-AII means that each property listed on our website is automatically listed on all of the IREA-AII websites. This exposes your listings on a total of 1122 international real estate portals, with 250 000 visits daily!

So why wait? The Birmingham market has never looked so promising!

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There are, currently, 197 offices of estate agents in Birmingham and most of them know each and everything about selling and buying property. Anyone who is serious about buying or selling a property in Birmingham can make sure that he visits the office of these real estate agents to strike out the best deal. Most of the Birmingham estate agents have complete information about the latest properties and can make the search for an appropriate property a lot easier and time-saving.


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Birmingham-estate-agents.com is part of the Real Estate Portals of that form the IREA-AII International-Real-Estate-Alliance – Alianza-Inmobiliaria-Internacional.com

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